About Our Ingredients

Cocina Joann Huizar's products are all vegan, plant-based, dairy-free, and egg-free. Please check our ingredient lists on each product page to see which sweets and treats are right for you. 

Some of our products may contain tree nuts, peanuts, or soy. We use coconut in some of our products, The FDA currently classifies coconuts as a tree nut. We wash and sterilize baking equipment between runs. 

We sweeten a number of our vegan baked goods with organic cane sugar. If you prefer coconut sugar please contact us, this sweetener is known to be a healthful, low fructose, low glycemic alternative for some with diabetes. Keep in mind that it is not safe for everyone. Each sugar-conscious customer should consult his/her physician to consume our baked goods safely. Most of our products are sweetened with organic cane sugar, sometimes maple syrup, dates, or molasses. Again, please read our ingredient lists on each product page.

Our menu is ever-expanding to create safe options. Although we try, we are unable to accommodate every allergy. Ultimately, it is the consumer’s responsibility to check all ingredients to ensure safe indulgence. If you do not see the allergen, you’re most concerned about listed here, you’ll find an ingredient list for every item we sell.

Patrons with certain dietary needs are asked to discuss with Cocina Joann Huizar before placing an order.

Your health & well-being is our biggest concern!